Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday Motivation - Making Your Goals Believable and Achievable

Making Your Goals Believable and Achievable

Well-planned goals can keep your life in harmony while a positive attitude
can carry you to the heights you deserve. Consider these suggestions to help
you set your goals and make them believable AND achievable!

1. Identify your goals specifically. Visualize and imagine yourself
having already achieved your goal.

2. Put a date on it. Without a deadline you really don’t have a goal.

3. Make a list of obstacles you may have to overcome in order to
achieve your goal.

4. Identify the people who can help you get to your goal.

5. Find out from those who are already where you want to be what
you will need to know or learn to get there.

6. Develop and action plan. You need a track to run on.

7. Decide “What’s in it for me?” You need to know why you want
to accomplish your goal. Decide how you will benefit from
achieving each goal and write it down. Without knowing this, you
can’t truly be sold on your goal.

8. Maintain a positive attitude. Remember, much of the way you
feel is determined by the way you decide to feel. Accept
responsibility for your own actions. Build a winning attitude by:
a. Changing the way you say “hello.” Put pep in your “hello”
and a peppier you will follow
b. Taking care of your body. Achieving goals requires
c. Feeding your mind every day. Self-image is a determining
factor in every person’s success. Override negative input
you might receive.
d. Taking time to love. Remember, God first, family second,
career third.

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  1. Good Advice gonna follow...printed it out.. Thanks so much