Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Motivation - 10 Qualities of a Champion

1.       A champion gives his all no matter what the score.  It's called EXCELLENCE.

2.       A champion sees every challenge as an opportunity.  It's called OVERCOMING ADVERSITY.

3.       A champion is one who makes all those around him better.  It's called LEADERSHIP.

4.        A champion dedicates himself to prepare for success.  It's called DISCIPLINE.

5.        A champion may fail, but he never quits.  It's called COMMITMENT.

6.       A champion puts the success of others above individual achievement.  It's called TEAMWORK.

7.       A champion lives by a higher standard and stands firm when others around him fall.  It's called           CONVICTION.

8.       A champion is one who lays down his own desires for the benefit of others.  It's called SACRIFICE.

9.        A champion gets up one more time than he's been knocked down.  It's called PERSEVERANCE.

10.     A champion knows his talents and success are God-given, not self-developed or endowed by others        it's called FAITH.

You are a Mighty Champion!!

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