Saturday, July 16, 2011

Scandalous Beauty 30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 14

Day 14 – A TV show you’re currently addicted to.


In the words of my girl Teresa Guidice I "love love love" this show!!! 
As you can tell Teresa is my favorite. She sealed the deal to make her my favorite when she flipped that table in season 1("you prostitution whore"!!!) and her going after Danielle last season ("Is bitch better") was the icing on the cake!! This season I can tell that all the stress of her family's financial problems being made public is really getting to her, but she's tough so I think she'll be just fine because she's "from Patterson don't forget that."

Caroline Manzo is my 2nd favorite. 
I love her for her wisdom and her strong family loyalty. She's a "hard as balls" kinda woman. She takes no mess from anybody. But turns into a bowl of mush when it comes to her love for her family.

Jacqueline Laurita comes in 3rd.
I wasn't too sure about her in season 1, I thought she was a little ditsy and too trusting, but she's coming around. And I'm sure you'll all agree with me when I say that her daughter Ashley needs a "come to Jesus", because she's seriously rude, disrespectful and out of line (just saying)

The 2 new "Housewives" in season 3 are Melissa Gorga (Teresa's sister-in-law) and Kathy" Wakile (Teresa's cousin). The jury is still out on these two; however, from the few shows of the new season so far  I don't see Kathy coming back because her storyline is boring. As far as Melissa, I just don't like her. Why? Sorry I can't like anyone that can't sing "Amazing Grace" properly. ("Amazing sweet the sound.. that saved a WENCH like me.") Really Melissa "wench like me"????  If you want to be a singer you have to know the lyrics.

So this is the show that I'm currently addicted to. Its a great "table flippin" ,"hair extension pullin" time. 
Thank you BRAVO!!!!

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