Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wet n Wild Color Icon Trio Review

I recently picked up a few of the much talked about Wet n Wild Color Icon Trios and here is my take on them...

The price of $2.99 is great for a 3 shadow palette; especially if you're on a beauty budget and the color combos I found eye catching. The color payoff is amazing.. very pigmented and have a smooth texture when applied except for one.

On the down side the packaging is quite fragile. One of the shadows cracked before I made it home which was disappointing but I guess also to be expected. I also find the case a little difficult to open..maybe with continued use it will be easier to open...hopefully. I also didn't like the mini applicators.. I never use them anyway.. hopefully you have makeup brushes to use instead. Finally while the colors are great the shadows are very powdery so expect some fall out when you're applying them.

Here is what I picked up....

Cool As A Cucumber

 I love the combo of purple and green. Not sure if I would use the browbone shade as suggested, but we'll see.

 Spoiled Brat

Another eye-catching color combo. The silver shade just glides over the skin for great color payoff. The hot pink may need a white base to make it pop more. ( I used Urban Decay Primer Potion with the swatches.) The black shade is a matte with silver glitter and does not apply easily and the glitter particles makes it feel rough.

I Dream of Greenie

I'm Getting Sunburned

I liked the silver/pink browbone shade but after swatching it the silver in it makes it look "dirty". The bronze/gold has AMAZING color payoff.. the color just popped on my skin...can't wait to use it in a look. The dark brown/bronze shimmer crease shade is to be used lightly. While the color is pretty its extremely powdery so expect major fallout.

I Got Good Jeans

Well.. "I Got Good Jeans" had a little accident on the way home so the blue/silver browbone shade cracked. :(
(good thing I can repair it.. or just buy another one if need be). I like the blue/silver combo but not sure how to work in the gold.

All in all these are great to have and use if you're on a beauty budget or just starting to use makeup. I think they would make great gifts with graduations beginning.

I will be posting tutorials and pictures of looks for each palette combo, so stay tuned.

Until next time...

Look Good...Feel Good


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