Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day Dinner with Mom



AJ Crimson BB Cream in shade 4
AJ Crimson Creme Foundation in shades 4 & 5
Eve Pearl Dual Salmon Concealer in Dark/Deep
Iman Oil-Blotting Pressed Powder in Deep
Contour - NYX Box of Smokey Look Collection Contour Powder
Highlight - Wet n Wild Color Icon Bronzer in Ticket to Brazil
Blush -  MAC Frankly Scarlet


Urban Decay Primer Potion
Naked Cosmetics Pigment in Shock Effect 5
Purple Smokey shades from NYX Box of Smokey Look Collection 
Stila Smudge Stick in Tetra
Mascara - Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion in Very Black


Mary Kay Eyeliner in Amethyst
 OCC Lip Tar in Hoochie
MAC Lip Gelee in Clear

Setting Spray- Skindinavia No More Shine

Sunday, April 28, 2013

2013 Spring Trend - Pink and Gold

Hey Luvs,

I decided to play with some of my new makeup and came up with this today.



Iman BB Creme in Earth Medium
Eve Pearl Dual Salmon Concealer in Dark/Deep
Iman Liquid Radiance Liquid Makeup in Earth 1 and Earth 2
Iman Oil-Blotting Pressed Powder in Deep
Contour - Mary Kay Bronzing Powder
Highlight - Wet n Wild Color Icon Bronzer in Ticket to Brazil
Blush - Mac Dollymix


Urban Decay Primer Potion
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
Naked Cosmetics Pigment in Sierra Nevada 2 (inner 1/2 of lid and lower lash line)
Naked Cosmetics Pigment in Shock Effect 4 (1/2 of outer lid and lower lash line)
MAC Saddle eye shadow (brow bone)
MAC Ricepaper eye shadow (brow bone highlight)
Mary Kay Eyeliner in Amethyst (lower water line)
NY Colors Liquid Eyeliner in Black (upper lash line)
Eyelashes - Ardell #110 
*lashes applied with Fantabulash Eyelash Tape Adhesive - review coming soon*
Mascara - Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion in Very Black


Mary Kay Lip Liner in Dark Berry (used to line lips)
NYX Lip Liner in Jewel (used to fill in lips)
Wet n Wild Silk Finish Lipstick in Nouveau Pink
MAC lip liner in Love Child

Look Good.. Feel Good

Product Review - Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove

So.. how many of you have spent over an hour cleaning your brushes and end up with "prune" hands?

Sigma has come up with a solution.. The Spa Brush Cleaning Glove.

Here's the run-down...

Price - $39.00

Available in 4 colors - Aqua ... Black ... Pink ... Purple

Dual Sided for cleaning face and eye brushes.

Includes the microfiber glove insert that makes using the glove comfortable.


1. WASH - add brush cleanser to the wash section in the center of the glove and swirl brush to clean.

2. RINSE - place brush under running water and sweep brush back and forth in the rinse section at the top      of the glove.

3. REFINE -  swirl brush in the refine section on the bottom and thumb part of the glove.

4. RINSE - place brush under running water and and sweep back and forth for a final rinse.

5. SHAPE -  squeeze bristles in the refine section between the thumb and index finger to remove excess water and reshape.


* Comfortable to wear

* Keeps hands dry

* Get brushes super clean

* Ability to wash several eye brushes at one time

* Cuts down brush cleaning time.


The SHAPE section.

It could be that I just have large hands but I found it difficult to squeeze the water from the bristles with the glove on with the microfiber insert. I ended up taking the glove off and using my bare hand to reshape the brush bristles or removing the microfiber insert.


I'm right handed so I had the glove on my left hand palm up to wash my face brushes. When I was ready to wash my eye brushes, I didn't think the REFINE section would be sturdy enough to use since my thumb was not in the section. I was pleasantly surprised that it was!


This is a BUY!!
My brush cleaning time was significantly cut down.
My hands didn't end up looking like prunes.
The price is reasonable. Considering how much quality brushes cost, you want something that will make caring for them easier and make your brushes last longer.

To purchase your Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove -

* The Spa Brush Cleaning Glove pictured was purchased. I was not given the product for this review, nor was I paid to do so *

Saturday, April 13, 2013


Hey Luvs,

I realize it's been exactly one year since I last posted, but I'M BACK!!! What better way to return to the blogosphere then to start where we left off. ... IMATS NY.. so here we go!!!!!

Since my cousin Jo-Jo likes the Syfy Channel's "FACE OFF", I though he would enjoy the day so I brought him along this year.

Wolfe Face Art 

Wolfe Face offers face painting/body art products and had a few artists doing complimentary face painting. Since Jo-Jo didn't want to be at IMATS with a "naked" face he decided to sit in the chair.

Battle of the Brushes - Student Competition

Sunday was the character/prosthetic competition with the theme of OZ. Students have 3 hours to complete their character before judging.

Makeup Museum

This exhibit features the work of makeup artists from movies and television. 

Saturday Night Live character wigs worn by Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg

Live character sculpting...

Dream Out Loud...

Bust of President Abraham Lincoln by MUA Kazuhiro Tsuji was unveiled after the debut of the short documentary Dream Out Loud.

Fantabulash - Eyelash Adhesive Tape

Created by Gina Walker (shown above) after she developed Alopecia and an allergic reaction to eyelash glue. Review coming soon.

Student Competition Final Results

To end the day I just couldn't resist the hot guys from Stila.

Another incredible IMATS. I left inspired and motivated to dedicate more of myself to the industry that I love.

Here's a peek at what I purchased and will be reviewing and creating looks with soon.

 Until next time...

Look Good... Feel Good,


Saturday, April 21, 2012

IMATS NY DAY 1 - April 14th 2012

Hey Luvs,

This was my first IMATS of many to come in the future. I didn't know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised at all of the attractions....

First Stop... NYX Cosmetics

The whole line of NYX was available... I purchased a few Jumbo Eye Pencils ... yeah I know I'm late but I've never tried them and can't wait to!!!

Next Stop... ARDELL

Lashes.. Lashes.. Lashes... There was a live demo on how to apply lashes and they had a great deal... 6 pairs of lashes for $15 plus free lash adhesive... could you pass that up??? I stocked up on my fav wispies.

Appearing on the Open Forum Stage...
Lifecasting for Prosthetic Creation

Student Competition Creations in the making...

Next on the Open Forum Stage...

The amazing... Kevin James Bennett giving tips and tricks on how to create a "Kardashian" smokey eye look featuring his "babies", the REVOLUTION makeup brushes by Royal and Langnickel!!! I pre-ordered the eye set so be on the look out for my review.

Followed by....

A Celebration of Beauty by Stila Cosmetics with Dominick Briguglio & Jason Araujo

The models lined up to give us a mini New York Fashion Week show...

Who wouldn't love getting flowers from a shirtless painted man??? 

And then the finale...

Flower petals that landed in my hair :)

Next Stop...

Beauty So Clean

A makeup artist's must have... Sanitizing products for your makeup!! My bottle is almost empty so I picked up the set of the Sanitizing Mist... Sanitizer Wipes and Conditioning Brush Cleanser... $50 bucks... awesome deal!!!

The Highlight and Finale of Day 1..Student Competition ...Beauty/Fantasy Makeup..Wild Kingdom Theme

And the winner is......

And so concludes day one of IMATS NY 2012... Student Competition Video clips below... Stay tuned for my Day 2 blog.